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The Journal of Sociology and Christianity

Please note: The Journal has been renamed to the Journal of Sociology and Christianity. Please visit the new website to access current editions of the journal. This site is maintained for archival purposes.

Mission and Vision:

The Journal for the Sociological Integration of Religion and Society is a peer-reviewed, academic and scholarly publication designed to provide a forum for the latest research and inquiry relative to the sociological integration of the Christian religion and society. ISSN: 2159-8711.

Last Edition:

Volume 6, Number 1 (2016):
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Purposes of the Journal for the Sociological Integration of Religion and Society:

  1. to utilize qualitative and quantitative analysis in the social sciences as a way to “weave” Christian faith into the larger cultural setting
  2. to enrich understanding regarding the diversity of the Christian faith and its potential for utilizing the social sciences as a tool for ethical and cultural issues
  3. to expand the resources and research available for Christian leaders as “world-changers” in their respective fields
  4. to stimulate ongoing dialogue among those Christians who desire to integrate their faith with their cultural setting
  5. to enhance one’s understanding as to the integrative process relative to the social sciences and the Christian faith
  6. to be devoted to original research and inquiry that promises to address the difficult cultural issues of our time
  7. to attract readers who desire to pursue their witness in the world, particularly in their own professional fields as Christian-scholar practitioners
  8. to make significant contributions in the domains of family, church and society, especially from the perspective of perceptive leaders proposing God-honoring solutions to formidable problems

Institutional Sponsor: Oxford Graduate School:

This journal will also be an extension of the purpose for which Oxford Graduate School exists: to equip interdisciplinary Christian-scholar practitioners who desire to be “world-changers,” and to sociologically integrate religion and society in order to transform the family, church, and community worldwide.

The Journal for the Sociological Integration of Religion and Society is a publication of Oxford Graduate School, Dayton, TN USA. (c) 2011-2012 Oxford Graduate School, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Partner Organizations:

  • Association of Christians Teaching Sociology
  • Christian Sociological Society

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