Editorial Board

Dr. Dennis Hiebert, General Editor
Providence University College, Canada

Dr. Kenneth Schmidt, Associate Editor
Adjunct Professor of History
Brandman University

Dr. Matthew Vos, Associate Editor and Book Review Editor
Professor of Sociology
Covenant College

Dr. Ines Jindra
University of Notre Dame

Dr. Steven K. Mittwede, Associate Editor
Providence Classical School (Texas) & EQUIP! Team (Turkey)

Dr. Joshua Reichard, Associate Editor
Vice President, Valley Christian Schools
Faculty, Oxford Graduate School, Ashford University

Editorial Board:

  1. The editorial board will be composed of individuals who are Christian in their worldview and, furthermore, who are connected with Oxford Graduate School or agree with its mission and vision.
  2. The editorial board will be responsible for reading, editing, previewing and approving materials for inclusion in each issue, and for the final approval of copy layout.
  3. The editorial board will notify authors whose articles are approved, and will secure their permission to include said articles prior to publication.
  4. The editorial board does not necessarily endorse or affirm said articles or reviews in their entirety.